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more ice cream, a duck and some camels…

Today we woke refreshed and set off for brunch at Caravan.  This meant a short tube ride to King’s Cross, then a similarly short walk across Granary Square to the cafe.  I cannot follow that bloody blue dot to save myself, so we got a bonus detour in the other direction.  One tourist has cause to be thankful for this, as we were able to help her overcome selfie problems and take her picture in front of the YouTube connect shop, which seemed to make her very happy indeed.

Geoff and Rach atop Primrose Hill

Brew Dog, in Camden. Rach had Hoppy Xmas IPA; I chose Santa Paws. Geoff opted for something else neither of us remember…

Geoff and Greg at brunch

Back on course, we found Rach and Greg in the queue just in time to surge inside and grab a table.  The place is huge, with lots of interesting menu choices, and is clearly very popular.  We had a great brunch, before setting of with Rach to walk the canals, drift through Camden Market, ascend Primrose Hill, wander through Regent’s Park, and pop into Brew Dog for a restorative ale.  Greg had to go back and finish his moving house operations (carrying his belongings across the park, from house A to house B, I believe).  We selfishly opted to go touristing with Rach instead.

We also met two of Rach’s housemates (we’re not sure if this is an English or Australian term) and inspected her living quarters (very nice).

I’m seriously considering the English xmas jumper on the basis of when in Rome – there are some reasonably dashing ones featuring an elf body knitted into the front – and even though I know it’s a futile long term prospect I’m confident it would cut a fair dash partnered with my bright pink puffer. Anyway, watch this space… 

There was a very cool xmas tree inside an enormous block of ice installed outside Caravan – refer pic – which for some reason was called “fighting fire with ice cream” – I really cannot fathom it, but something to make a person think.

The duck was, I thought, somewhat out of the ordinary (possibly not even a duck?) but I’m reasonably certain people will be able to educate me on that (hello RP – help, please).

Camels are visible within London Zoo from Regent’s Park.  Unexpected.